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Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 910, : 4,993

It has been 4 years since the 9.0 earthquake, and subsequent tsunami and nuclear meltdown that affected so many in Northern Japan, myself included. On the anniversary, Yahoo Japan is offering 10 yen for every search done for "3.11" - please take a moment and do so. Also, please take a look at the video, here Yahoo Japan 3.11 Search that yahoo has produced about information and the earthquake.


7 years ago
Years Studied: 13
Level: 1, : 945
7 years ago
Level: 1, : 75
Pity I didn't see this. I hate the yearly news bonanza "there's nothing to report, so let's blab about 3.11 for two weeks straight before the anniversary", but I definitely see this as helpful. I would have spammed the #"%& out of them.
7 years ago
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Top > 会話 / General discussion > Japan, にほん, 日本

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