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While doing A, B (A is the main action)
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    をする   ボランティア    している  
He both works and volunteers.
 しい             っている   あった  
Besides their main occupation, poor samurai would also tend to the fields.
     バンド     バック ギター     している  
Besides having his own band, he also works as a backup guitarist.
   パーティー          コーヒー   れて くれた  
Besides preparing for the party, she made coffee for me.

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Basic Examples:
する (attend grad school while working)

としてられてる (While working as a public employee, he's well-known as an artist)

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User notes

This expression is often used when balancing work and a separate role. The phrase preceding かたわら indicates a person's main activity.
10 years ago
avatar 恵理子 - Level 1

this pattern differs from ながら in that the two actions cannot be done simultaneously, but are done in the same time frame
10 years ago
avatar mysticfive - Level 624

A is a common, everyday occurrence, such as school or work
12 years ago
avatar lou1sb - Level 1

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