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せい せい こう こう
success, hit
かの かの じょ じょ   わたし わたし   せい せい こう こう   いわ いわ って   くれた    
She congratulated me on my success.
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I found that learning Japanese as I would other languages before simply didn't work. So I tried a lot of resources for Grammar, Kanji and the like but in the end nothing helped me as much as Renshuu.org. It just offers everything you need in one place, everything here really works together seamlessly, from Kanji to Grammar. Renshuu.org is easy to use and very customizable for your very own needs. It quickly has become an integral part of my daily Japanese routine I wouldn't want to miss." Read more
"Renshuu was the best that could have happened to our Japanese studies and we only regret not having found it earlier.

We worked a lot with Anki before but the creation of decks fitting our textbooks/media consumption was eating too much time away, plus in the end it just covered vocabulary/kanji SRS recall on an “honor system” to determine if something was truly known or not.

One of the greatest things in renshuu for us is that everything is built around one central dictionary that tracks the individual’s knowledge of Japanese words and Kanjis, leading to a Japanese learning experience that is far better tailored to the level the individual is at (e.g. a Kanji marked as known will no longer show furigana automatically)."
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"As a self-studier, Renshuu.org has become an invaluable resource in my Japanese studies. Its robust dictionaries and library of example sentences alone put it among the best language references on the web, and having all of that information integrated into the SRS means that no matter where I am on the site or what I want to look up, I have instant feedback on what I've studied and how well I know it. The whole system constantly keeps me aware of how I'm growing as a learner and motivates me to improve, which I know I can continue to do thanks to the sheer volume of content and the level of flexibility I have to create my own study path." Read more

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