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Level: 308

First, this is not high-priority by any means.

The type of dialog that opens when you click on growing vs finished trees is different. Clicking another with the same type closes the first, but both are opened if different types. It is nice to just be able to click around to various items, but this makes it so you have to then click the `x`.

It would be great to have them all consistently open in the same spot with the same UI. Alternatively, just having any new one close the already open one would be cool.

Another nice addition would be support for the `Escape` key to close the modals. It would be nice here, and everywhere else on the site.

24 days ago
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Level: 265

Escape, I can definitely do (soon).

As to the modals - as of today, the schedules are automatically unlinked on completion, so I think having it different is *ok* since you'll no longer need to interact with finished ones.

the modal code in renshuu is, I kid you not, based off a js library 20 years old that I've hacked into over the years - but it's too interwoven into the system to rip it out and make a new once that handles all of that.

Some of them are handled via the old system, but a number of the popups inside of the kao garden are handled with a localized system for that one page.

23 days ago
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