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This topic is tied to the below grammar expression in the grammar library.
Follows A; turning the sentence into a question (casual).


ねぇ  パパ     してる            
Mom, dad is putting on some makeup. Is he really a woman ?
A's B (shows possession)


Her computer is old.
The A one
A directly modifies B, B of A


 から  メール   しぶりに  いた  
I got the first email from him in awhile.
B who/that is a(n) A


       さん      んでいる  
The Prime Minster Sato lives nearby.
C which/whose A is B. C's A is B
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We are actually in the process of adding more model sentences to the library - we finally have time now that the asset production for adventure mode is done for a couple of months.

#5 jumped down to #6, but it is fixed. The data was right, but it was getting mixed up. #6 should only be A の B.

Here's how to think of #6 - Both A and B are the same thing. Doctor + person, pikachu + pokemon, etc. #4 is broader in its usage.

1 month ago
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It's called apposition, where you have two nouns phrases referring to the same object.

It's usually used either to help uniquely identify it:

* My house, the second one from the left, is up for sale.

* I'm here today with one of my attorneys, Mark Frisby.

Or to provide more information about it, such as clarification, context or explanation:

* Aldebaran, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, is a red giant.

* A defender of maidens everywhere, Sir Gawain came to her rescue.

In your example, 'who is from Japan' isn't a noun, but a relative clause.

Compare that with: Mr. Suzuki, the Japanese prime minister = さん

Since they're both descriptions of the same person, there's no need to modify their relationship with words like 'from' or 'in', as in usage #4.

1 month ago
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