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Forums - Official changelog for renshuu.org upgrade - October 14th

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Below is the official list of additions/improvements/fixes for the update that will be available on October 14th. *Main Features* Shiritori can now be played under Community Crossword/kanji puzzles available under the To Go menu! You can add your own private sentences!!! You can now buy giftcodes for giving subscriptions to other users! New kanji kentei kanji levels for studying (all the way to level 1!) *Dictionary* Cleaner lists of related terms under kanji entries, more related terms shown Grade markers added to readings of jouyou (common) kanji - know when Japanese students learn the readings *Quizzes/Term Lists* New option to auto-play pronunciation of a term after a question is answered Related word lists for kanji characters are more balanced to show words using various readings and words known by the user Kanji quizzes are more forgiving when non-Japanese characters entered by mistake A term quizzed will not appear as an answer choice in the following question. Quizzes with conjugated terms will give preference to that conjugation in sentences displayed in result box Overall mastery level added to quiz result box *Miscellaneous* Achievements: 4 new hankos added to profile page Hanko maker: New fonts added to the hanko maker, including a few calligraphy fonts! Mobile: options for mobile-only quiz preferences, more mobile-friendly popups Visual: Status messages float so as to appear anywhere on the page, and automatically disappear after a few seconds. Forums: Simpler forum headers for grammar library topics Grammar Library: Extra tab added in grammar library for sentences verified by native speakers Mastery schedules: Mastery schedule graph 1: line added marking number of total terms, so you can see when change in terms affects mastery levels. Custom lists: have option to bypass dictionary entries and add own term Studypad: Quick way to move studypad list into a custom list (option on studypad page) User preferences: User setting under Kanji options - can force site to display kanji on terms commonly written in hiragana My term library: Last studied/When added as sort options
10 years ago
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