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Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,640
I want to make another large chunk of the site available on renshuu mobile in the next site revision. Before I can make that happen, though, the mobile version needs to be able to handle more navigation. I had an idea that I wanted to toss out. What if the site was arranged like this: A B C Where each letter was a screen (think of swiping left/right on your smartphone). By default, the middle B would be the site as we know it. Swiping to C would pull up the dictionary/help tabs, while swiping to A would pull up a full-screen navigation list. Any thoughts? It would free up some space on the top of the screen where the links currently are, and make it easier to get to more of the site in a quick fashion.
10 years ago
Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 914, : 4,999
I like this idea! Especially being able to swipe to the dictionary, I think that would be really useful (as opposed to the smaller button)
10 years ago
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