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Forums - [MOBILE] Mobile renshuu 3.0 is now officially available (read please!)

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With a few small exceptions, we are ready to open up renshuu 3.0 for mobile testing. [b]Not yet implemented/optimized[/b] -Crosswords -Hanko Maker -Study Center/Bookbag (this extends to the grammar main page, adjust materials on schedules, as well as the 'my lessons' on the profile page. [b]Platforms not targeted[/b] -iOS 6 or older -Android 2.x** Our primary platform for design has been Android phones, and we are currently optimizing further for iOS devices and tablets. [b]What we want to hear from you[/b] -Bugs (obviously) -Areas that are too crowded or areas where it appears that text or something is wrapping down to a new line when it shouldn't be. Basically, anything that functionally works, but you think 'This could be displayed better' [b]How to report[/b] 1. Make sure [MOBILE] is in the thread title. 2. In the contents, include as much information as you can: - Device/Model/OS Version - Browser used - Are you using it in portrait or landscape (useful for visual issues) -Screenshot if possible. 3. Unless they are related, keep bugs/design issues to one per thread. Bugs should definitely be separate, although visual issues can be grouped if they appear to be simple fixes and not large overhauls. Development will die down next week (8/8-8/17) because of the Obon holiday, but we wanted to get as much improved this week as we can! ** Android 2.x devices. While we would like to hear about your issues, due to our limited time, these will be prioritized into the 'if we get everything else fixed, we'll work on these' group. We *are* aware that most of the icons do not work because of 2.x's terrible svg support.
8 years ago
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