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Level: 110, : 6,645
I'm going to enjoy some よさこい down in Shikoku and try not to get eaten by the typhoon. Beta users - give us a bunch of mobile issues so we can fix them all after I return!
8 years ago
Years Studied: 1.5
Studying: N1
Level: 1, : 64
Well here's an issue: the stars don't increase when I quiz a mastery schedule on mobile.... see screenshots attached Hope you're enjoying the Obon! Ben [url=http://i.imgur.com/TUwQUpY.png][img]http://i.imgur.com/TUwQUpY.png[/img][/url][url=http://i.imgur.com/YpvSnuM.png][img]http://i.imgur.com/YpvSnuM.png[/img][/url]
8 years ago
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