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Level: 17, : 32

For anyone interested in opportunities relating to Japanese Studies, the blog 'What can I do with a BA in Japanese Studies' is tremendously helpful. Here is a link to one of the latest posts - Keio University is offering a free online course for anyone interested in the history of Japanese books.


6 years ago
Years Studied: つでも
Studying: JLPT
Level: 123, : 29

Thank you for this! It looks very interesting to me. While I was looking into it, I noticed they're also offering a Japanese philosophy course:


I think these are good opportunities!

6 years ago
Level: 2, : 1

It is really interesting and I would like to get more information from here. I am much more interested in the Japanese language learning course, although I have gained the basic knowledge from college essay writing service and opting for more advance knowledge.

4 months ago (Edited 4 months ago.)
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Top > 会話 / General discussion > Japan, にほん, 日本

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