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Forums - Aiming to memorize N2/N1 terms before a certain date? I made a sheet for that!

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The tutorial below is for the original version.

I have since created a new version that is based on your goal and end date, rather than manually setting the number to study each week.

Download the new version here!

Hello, everyone!

It's my first time posting here, I hope this is a good place... but I wanted to share this, in case it could be useful to anyone.

For a little background, I've studied for a long time and have finally set my sights on taking either N1 or N2 next year (since I missed the deadline this year). However I'm not confident in my vocab, so I'm basically starting from 0 and making sure I have every single term burned into my head before I have to take it. I set up this sheet that will basically tell me if I'm on track for my weekly goals (including my stretch goal of N1) and how much progress I've made on each level.

It's still pretty rough and there are many things I want to add to it, but for now...

Here is the blank sheet. My goals are N2 or N1, so I have N2 on the left and N1 on the right.


Changing the blue areas under "Goals" will move the grey area up and down to show when you will meet your goal.


There are two spots for the two separate goals, obviously.

Changing these areas will change the increments for each week:


The grey area will update, too.

The date on the left can be changed to indicate your start date; the one on the right will change as well (I shouldn't have left that one blue, oh well).


It's set up to be one week at a time.

These areas are the current number of terms you have studied (and won't study below it, for those like me skipping katakana terms).


If you have met one of your goals...


...it will automatically check off that part of the week!

And if you meet both your kanji and vocabulary goals...


It will cross off the entire week so you know you don't have to worry about it anymore.

However, if you aren't completely caught up...


The week will highlight in yellow.

If you're way behind...


The overdue weeks will turn red!

Finally, there is a section that shows your progress on each of the levels according to your kanji and vocabulary counts.

When you've reached 100% for one part, it will turn green. (I may make 75% turn yellow, 50% orange, etc. but this works for now).


That's pretty much it for now.

Keep in mind I'm using the full version of Microsoft's Excel. I don't know if there will be problems if you use the online version or other software such as OpenOffice.

I hope that posting a link here is okay: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AkHnRSM5h8MJgaNZP--kCVIMpzppOA

It's uploaded to my OneDrive so I think it will update automatically as I make changes to it.

Let me know if you have any more suggestions (this one is actually more complex than mine since I wanted it to be more accessible).

Things I want to add:

- Ability to put in how many you've already learned and use that to calculate benchmarks instead of weekly goals alone

- Ability to put in your goal and desired deadline to have it automatically calculate how many you need to study each week

These have been finished in the new version above. Already learned is specified under the offset fields.

Thank you! m(_ _)m

6 years ago (Edited 5 years ago.)
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This is fantastic! Thank you so much for posting!

6 years ago
Years Studied: Too many
Studying: Game Graphics
Level: 50, : 10

I've updated the sheet so that it bases the benchmarks on your desired end date instead of a manually inputted date, as well as the amount of terms you've already studied as of your start date. If you're starting from scratch, you can just put in 0 for the offset. :)

New version can be downloaded here.

I hope you like it!

5 years ago (Edited 5 years ago.)
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