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Level: 1, : 1
Hello, I just started using this website and I think it's amazing but I'm confused about how to progress.
First a bit about me, I know about 300 Kanji and I understand a lot of words but my vocabulary written in Kanji (2 Kanji's or more) is very low.
My goal is to take the N3 in July, N5 is really easy for me and I think I'm about early N4 right now.

Do you think it's possible to prepare to N3 and complete the Renshuu Schedules before July? How do I know when I completed a level and I'm ready to move up?

Ill put my Schedule below, I have N5 to review and I want to complete up to N3, I can't take N5 and N4 because I have to travel overseas to take the test and I don't have the money to take them in Order. So my goals are just N3 & N2.

Thanks for the help

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4 years ago (Edited 4 years ago.)
Years Studied: Many years with numerous breaks.
Studying: JFBP 3A ... working through the textbook backlog..
Level: 1062, : 67
I did some quick calculations for JLPT N5-N3... 

Grammar: 235 items
If you do 5 new grammar points per day you'll have everything in your review schedule in mid-April.

Kanji: 612
If you learn 10 new kanji per day you can have everything in your schedule by the end of April this year. 

Vocabulary: 3343 terms
If you learn about 50 new vocabs per day you'll have everything in your schedule in the beginning of May this year.

But - of course - having something in your schedule does not mean that you have actually learned it.

And while it is doable to have everything in your schedule ("learned") by June, you'll have a ton of reviews each day. This could easily pile up to over a thousand daily review items, which would take several hours to complete.

Unless you really need that N3 certificate (for work, applications, whatever...), I would not recommend cramming that much. You may end up very frustrated and fed-up with all the reviews. ;)
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4 years ago
Years Studied: Since Nov 2018
Studying: JLPT N3
Level: 1, : 24
Also, every Anki card takes at least 20 days to mature. Maturity means you can almost remember them with ease.
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4 years ago
Site admin
Level: 207, : 9,272
If you go into the advanced settings in the site, you can also change the time between each level.

I have a hard time believing a term can be considered fully learned in 20 days. Were that the case, a student would not need to restudy materials learned months ago when a semester final comes up. It shows growth, yes, but not completion.

I think at the heart of the issue, though is that you are trying to do an entire JLPT level by July. Aside from N4 and N5, that's going to be pretty difficult regardless of the software that you use. I agree with McFluffington that you should set a reasonable pace that is going to get you where you need to go without being too frustrating.
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4 years ago
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