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Forums - Looks like i missed some n4 grammar patterns

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Just checked the first 3: がつくis just a set expression that's in the dictionary, not a grammar point which explains a way to build a sentence. If you want a grammar point for "I notice", you need one for "I think", "I say"... There are grammar points with う, but not for the direct meaning.
irassharu is one of the words that one learns when he discovers sonkeigo (minna 49, for example), it's not a grammar point in itself, is it?
dakede: meh... maybe?
I'm not significantly more advanced than you, probably, but you asked for any thoughts, here's mine.
1 year ago (Edited 1 year ago.)
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I don't have time at the moment to add new expressions, and there has to be a line drawn at some point between, as Nicolas2 mentioned, between expressions and just words (or a word and a particle or two). I think, with most (not all) expressions, you've got something that makes it not obvious to someone who just sees the words lined up. It might be an unusual arrangement of the words, or a meaning that is not naturally drawn out of the components given. 

With く, there are a huge number of verb "compounds" that use , and I cannot say that those all need a page in the grammar library.
1 year ago
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Yes, I agree too. Most of them aren't grammar patterns. I've crossed checked them to my references and only とわれている showed up.
1 year ago
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Top > 会話 / General discussion > Anything Goes


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