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Forums - I found that there was a renshuu app installed on my phone

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I am aware that there is no Android app for renshuu but today I saw that there is one installed on my phone. I opened it and it actually works, but I'm really confused with why it is on my phone because I did not install anything.
is it some kind of malware?
4 months ago.
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I have the same, but this is not malware but rather a functionality of Chrome and/or Android. I used renshuu via Chrome on my phone until at some point it asked me while opening renshuu if I wanted to add it to the homescreen or something similar. Since then I now have the same icon on my phone and opening it opens an instance of Chrome that starts out on the renshuu page without an address bar.

You can find some more details on these pages (one from Google explaining a bit how this works and how the website/chrome can ask the user, the other explaining how th euser can on their own add any website as an app):
4 months ago.
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It is called a PWA, and it is basically a special bookmark, but it is a bit nicer because it gets rid of the URL address bar at the top is there screen, giving you a larger screen for the site.

indeed, it usually says "add to homescreen", and must be added by the user. If you long press it, you'll get the option to remove it!
4 months ago.
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