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Forums - What answer should be reported as "I think my answer is also correct" ?

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Sometimes I'm too hasty in giving my answers, like in the image above I've answered しゅじゅつ as soon as I've read "surgery". This doesn't imply I didn't know げか, and maybe if given another attempt, I would have read the whole meaning line before giving the answer.
Should answers like the one above be reported as "I think my answer is also correct" because I had intended it only for the "surgery" part of the question I had read, or is the feature intended only for words that are almost identical?
5 months ago
Site admin
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You're free to report it - it does not make any automatic changes. I manually go through all of those submissions, and only give a second chance it I think they are close enough. In this case, though, I would reject the submission for the reason you gave - if it matches one part of the meaning, but *really* doesn't match another part of it, I would not let it be considered as an alternate.
5 months ago
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Top > renshuu.org > Questions about renshuu.org

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