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Studying : N3
: 4,175, : 246
ポスト : 159, はんこ : 118
Little suggestion: Would be cool if in the end of quizzes there would be a special highlight when you actually get a coin you don't have so far. Right now I don't really look at the coins at the end of the quiz because I am only lacking a few. I only know that I got a new one if I see that the total number goes up (if I still remember the old number that is). ;)
5 months ago
Site admin
: 41,922, : 3,808
ポスト : 10,231, はんこ : 139
I'll keep that in mind! Not immediately, but I'm thinking about a new reveal style at the end of the quizzes, so it'll be a good time for other additions as well!
5 months ago
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Top > renshuu.org > Feature Requests/Improvements

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