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Forums - Replacement for Lang-8! LangCorrect is now open.

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Years studied : 6
Studying :
: 4,504, : 9
ポスト : 9, はんこ : 98
I saw on Reddit last night that LangCorrect is finally open. It aims to provide an alternative to Lang-8, which has been closed to new signups and virtually abandoned for the last few years.
If you aren't familiar with these sites, the idea is to write journal/diary entries in the language you're learning, and native speakers will correct them for you. To return the favour, you correct their entries.
The site is here: https://langcorrect.com/
The more the community grows, the better, so please do sign up and give it a shot!
8 days ago.
Years studied : About 5
Studying : N1
: 48,295, : 308
ポスト : 101, はんこ : 197
Thanks for sharing. I signed up. It is a shame that I can't have my native language as native language yet, but it is nice to see get back alive.
8 days ago.
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Top > 日本語を勉強しましょう / Let's study Japanese! > Anything About Japanese

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