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Studying: My eyelids
Level: 1, : 1
Hi all,
I've recently taken a liking to the 'tags' which were added to some vocab entries a few months(?) ago (see example in pic) - they seem like a good way of feeling out how useful a term will be vs others.
ik328vos7w376jchiwkxkp8b5.pngI was wondering if there were collated lists of all terms with each tag somewhere in the study library or, if not, whether there's a way to search for tagged terms so I can make such lists myself? I figured it might be a good way to find relatively common terms which I've let slip through the cracks and get them into my schedule, or add as-yet-unseen but relatively common terms in bulk.
Any help much appreciated :)
6 months ago
Site admin
Level: 14, : 3,940

Not yet! I'll try to get that added in when I can.

6 months ago
Studying: My eyelids
Level: 1, : 1
Thanks for the fast reply! I'll look forward to the feature :)
6 months ago
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