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Level: 110, : 6,642

Great 2020 News!

I've spent the last three weeks working on the first major step to an Android app for renshuu!

The finished product with offline quizzing will not be until later in the year, but I will be releasing the app in different stages starting this month!

There will be a beta release through the Play Store later this month (planned), but I have an alpha-level apk file available soon for bleeding-edge types that want to give it a shot and help test it out.

Requirements for the Alpha

1. Join the renshuu beta (Help menu)

2. Send me a message (click the mail icon to the left of this post) letting me know you're interested.

3. renshuu pro members only

(Beta will be open to free users as well).

This is just an announcement post - bug reports, suggestions, etc. will take place in the beta forums.

3 years ago
Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,642

Please go the Android forums for the center of news regarding the Android app!

2 years ago
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Top > renshuu.org > Announcements > Archived Announcements

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