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Studying: N3
Level: 143, : 324

I know we talked about this in another thread but I wanted to explicitely ask and talk about this.

So, when I don't want to be quizzed a certain reading in the kanji schedules, is it really enough to just mark the readings as “unknown“. I'm not completely sure but it kind of seems that even after this I get those readings requizzed after a certain time. Also, even if this works, this kind of seems a bit tedious and also not very intuitive. I personally see no need to learn readings that are never or hardly used.

Edit: What would be awesome would be a global block of those readings (many of them, not all though) are already easy visible by the little x. So I guess they can be targeted somehow (programming wise).

7 months ago (Edited 7 months ago.)
Years Studied: Many on and off
Studying: N2
Level: 166, : 813

Have the same problem sometimes. Making them "unknown" is not enough to block them from quizzes.

I kinda want a system where I can actively decide, which reading(s) I want to study. Sometimes I get to study a reading but don't even have an example vocab for that reading. (Set to "words I know") Back in school a kanji was introduced with e.g. onyomi, but when I put it into a schedule kunyomi would be quizzed first. I always thought that impractical.

7 months ago
Site admin
Level: 26, : 4,177

That is what is supposed to happen. Can you send me an in-quiz report (2-3, max) next time it happens?

7 months ago
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