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Thanks to the ton of people who responded to our app on motivational structures in renshuu! I'd like to announce the results as well as some planned changes based on those results!

The Results

In order, the following features motivated 70%+ of respondents either a little or a lot:

1. Achievements

2. Daily Challenges

3. Kao-coins

Both Leaderboards and Genki points motivated about 50% of respondents.

In the free response section, many people also mentioned the daily streaks of schedules as well as our mascot's presence as strong motivational factors.

We also received some excellent, constructive criticism regarding these systems. A few that really stuck out are the following:

1. Apply customization to these systems so users can easily turn off ones they are not interested in.

2. The Kao-coins are getting a bit too unwieldy, with too many making it hard to get new ones.

3. Daily streaks on the front page, plus more variety with stats available (ex. % of JLPT levels learned, kanji level tied to equivalent level of the Japanese school system).

4. Too many disparate systems!

As we proceed with the framework of our app for 2020, we are planning to overhaul a number of these systems. I'd also like to mention that Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch is having a profound effect on how I view motivation, and I hope the inspiration I've received from it benefit all of you as well.

Motivational Plans/Changes!

Some of these will appear in the current beta version of the site, while others will not make it out until springtime.

Kao coins - we'll be introducing a simple system where repeat kao coins can be used to draw guaranteed new coins (given new ones exist). We also have a new gacha machine in beta currently. We'll have a better way for you to see what you've gotten as well.

Motivation settings - motivational settings (turning on and off these systems) will be collected in a central place to make it easy to turn them off and on. If you want nothing but studying, that'll soon be available!

Goodbye to genki points! - Genki points in their current form will disappear. However, a new system (that pulls in daily challenges and Kao manga) will take its place that I think will both me more fun and meaningful to the majority of users. We still want to reward you for your studying whether it be quizzing, writing sentences, or doing games, but the way in which we present all of this can be better.

Achievement and daily challenge renewal - we're going to refresh the numbers and visuals on the achievement system. We don't want to just use the generic trophy icon, but the current kanji circles are not as accessible to most users as we'd like them to be. We'll also be expanding the daily challenges, adding new ones and letting you turn off some of them that you're uninterested in.

As always, join the renshuu beta (in the Help menu) if you want faster access to these features! We expect the current beta to end this month, and the new app beta to hit the Play Store sooner than later!


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