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Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 204, : 4,387

Just wanted to say that with the Coronavirus shutting down schools, I'm now going to be requiring my students to use renshuu as part of their daily study routine. I'm having them send me screenshots of their 'end quiz' pages so I can check what they've been studying and how they're doing it (it would be SO GREAT if there were some way of tracking that to use in this kind of setting, hint hint for future betas!) - so far everyone new to the site seems pretty stoked about it, and the ones who have been using it are ready to go!

7 months ago
Site admin
Level: 28, : 4,291

I promise I'll get to it this year!

7 months ago
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Top > 会話 / General discussion > Anything Goes


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