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Here is all the awesomeness added to renshuu (and the renshuu app) today! (The update should be live by noon, Japan time, July 10th).

Counter Punch

This is the first of our Adventure mode games! (More coming later this summer). All users can study counters across 20 levels as they help Kao-chan fight the Japanese-foods-turned-monsters! renshuu pro users get more levels, Endless mode, bonus monsters, and some new backdrops coming soon!

New Grammar study modes

How cool is this jumble mode? This is available to all users studying the grammar lessons on renshuu! Of course, renshuu pro users can access to a much larger number of sentences for greater variety and deeper understanding.

This is our new JLPT test-style question, exclusive for renshuu pro users. It is available for all grammar lessons already on the site!

Color Upgrade

We're continuing our trend of bringing more color and cuteness to renshuu, and we've made dramatic improvements in the quizzing area, as well as a number of nice touch ups to night mode. Here's an example of what the quiz questions look like.

If these colors are not your thing, jump into the settings panel and look under Quizzing. There's a way to reduce the colors to a single purple with less emphasis.

Simplified dashboard for most users

We know the dashboard's schedule listing was not ideal for most users, so we've rebuilt it for better clarity. This will automatically turn on if you have 6 or less schedules. If you have more schedules that you will receive an updated version of the old view. You can get this new version by clicking the settings icon on the top-right of the dashboard.

New Fonts for renshuu pro users

renshuu pro users have access to two beautiful, new fonts: Hiragino and Kaimin. I'm currently using Hiragino, and it is closer to a handwritten font, extremely useful if you're going to be encountering handwritten Japanese in the future.

Mobile improvements

Alongside our work on the android app beta, we've made a huge number of quality-of-life improvements to those of you viewing renshuu on a mobile device. There's too many to list, but we think you'll notice a lot of nice changes.

Translation Center

If you check under Community, you'll see a new Translation center. We've opened up the foreign language definitions in the site so users can come together and fill in the gaps for definitions that are missing for vocabulary, kanji, and even sentences. You can participate by suggesting definitions, or by helping validate ones sent in by other users!

Adventure mode improvements

We listened to the suggestions that you all gave us, and there are a number of additional options and actions you can take if you click on your kao-chan on the dashboard.

Adjust the difficulty, receive bonuses for consistent studying, reset your Kao-chan, and even jump back a few levels if you want to redo an evolutionary choice!

Games/Community menu changes

Because of the new games coming in this year, we've moved Question Corner, Haikus, and Word Garden from the Games menu to the Community menu.

renshuu pro guide update

The guide to renshuu pro (under Help for all renshuu pro members) has been updated! There are so many renshuu pro features that it's hard to remember when and how to enable everything. So, we've made it so the majority of the pro features can be turned on directly from the guide page! Check it out.

Thank you so much to all of the beta testers. I'm already planning for the next beta round, which will include another game, new study modes for sentences, user-made grammar lists, and more!

1 month ago (Edited 1 month ago.)
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