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Level: 26, : 4,177

The beta will go live near the end of the month. We're hard at work, though, and wanted to show you a preview of our new game!

Play shiritori at your own level and at your own speed with our Shiritori game! Different speeds, opponent levels, and more! Kanji shiritori will also be available, and we've got some awesome stuff planned for our renshuu pro supporters.

If it goes well, we're thinking about opening it up PvP games where you can play with your friends, and get notifications through our app when it's your turn again!

Also planned for this beta:

1. Custom grammar lists - make your own lists to perfectly match your study goals.

2. New study modes for sentence lists! We'll be bringing over the new grammar study modes to sentences, plus one more audio-based quizzing for renshuu pro users

29 days ago (Edited 29 days ago.)
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