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This happenes 3 times today during my quizzing session, though in 2 different shapes.

I'll decribe the first "form" this bug presented itself first:

This is my normal quizzing screen:


I gave the answer, but instead of loading the answer page, the quiz kicked me into the dashboard/main page.

I've hit the arrow to go back 1 page and be back into the quiz, but not the quiz look like this:


As you can see the gray box saying "175 of 222" is enlarged compared to the previous image, which already shows something is wrong, and the proof is that if in this screen I press spacebar to reveal the multiple choice, it won't work, instead pressing spacebar makes the page scroll to the bottom.

This "kicked back to main page" event appened twice in this fashion, the third time was different, I was kicked into the main page but going back 1 page wouldn't work, the site itself would show a red box saying that the quiz had timed out and to start a new one.

There is definetly some bug at work here :)

2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Site admin
Level: 28, : 4,299

If an error occurs in the way you describe, going back in that way will go fix it, so the off-color background and the missing shortcuts make sense.

The beta round did just get started, and some users will get sent into it automatically, so being kicked out of the quiz is probably an unfortunate side-effect of that.

2 months ago
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Top > renshuu.org > Bugs / Problems > Resolved Bugs


Sorry, there was an error on renshuu! If it's OK, please describe what you were doing. This will help us fix the issue.

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