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Forums - Ability to modify mastery level manually from within the quiz

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Studying: JLPT2
Level: 51, : 307

This tool above I use it quite often, usually 1-3 times per quiz (day), for instance the last time I used it today was when I was quizzed about "busy, hectic" and I recalled "ひそがしい" (wrong kana), I managed to pick the correct multiple choice since was shown as kanji as "しい" but then I've realized I had recalled the wrong pronunciation, so I had to go and manually lower this.

This is unavoidable because it is too easy to work around a multiple choice even by accident (like described above), and every time is a lot of clicks to get to correct it, so would be very convenient if the manual control of mastery levels could be brought (trough a button or something) on the page right after you give the answer.
If not the control itself, at least a "button link" that sends you to the tool in the image above

11 days ago (Edited 11 days ago.)
Site admin
Level: 26, : 4,177

I'm not planning on adding *anything* to the quizzing UI for this beta, but I'll keep this in mind for a possible future update.

11 days ago
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