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Forums - Response to July 2020 Survey (grammar/dictionary criticisms)

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Thanks to all the took the time to respond to this beta's survey. Below is all of the stuff that I am able to respond to!

Grammar library

"What is My Grammar" --> this only affects users who write sentences in the grammar library. Changed: remove it unless you've written sentences before.

"Lists in Grammar Library" --> They were displayed without any specific order (inside of each group). Changed: They are now alphabetized.

"English index" --> In addition to romaji/kana, English index requested. Not sure how this would look given the way the entries are written on renshuu. *Might* add this.

"Not all grammar in there" - When you search for grammar in the dictionary or grammar library, you now have the option to submit a request for missing grammar to be added. Please let us know what you'd like!

"Grammar without model examples" - Ongoing: we are focusing on grammar/sentences this year, and we are adding new model sentences every week! We intend to fill out the entire library by the end of the fall.

"User sentences" - this is a big one. Because there is not active feedback from a)native speakers or b)other, more advanced users, it feels empty. Getting native speakers to check these is not feasible currently due to the number of potential sentences that would come in. I've tried different ways to encourage other users to add comments/corrections, but it's never picked up over the years. Would love ideas on how to improve this! Native speaker checking could only come in if it was part of a paid package - otherwise, I don't really see native speakers coming to the site (what's in it for them?).

"Leader board on grammar library page" - Changed - it has been removed.

"Written sentence %" - Changed - it is now shown for each meaning, and not for the grammar page overall. It no longer shows any text if you have not written anything.

"Mini exercises right on the page" - this is an interesting one. Free users do have 3-4 grammar questions for each expression that is available for quizzing. Perhaps a clearer way to jump to that quizzing.

"User notes hidden" - Changed: make them visible by default. Also considering a few other ways to crowdsource additional information for the grammar pages (such as what expressions are similar, opposite, etc.)

"Not addable to schedules (no questions)" -Changed - about 100 expressions added!


Handwriting tool - there are some visual and usage issues here - some have been fixed, working on the rest.

Cannot look up some kao coin titles - in particular, くちさけ. This is an abbreviation of くちさけおんな, which you can see *lovely* pictures of here: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Search by parts (kanji): This is not search by radical (although a lot of radicals are in there) - it comes from a database of "parts" that appear in the kanji. Because it is based on that set of data, there is not much I can do to expand or adjust it.

Tags: question about meaning and filtering. Changed: will add a FAQ page discussing the meanings. (They all come not from me, but from the original dictionary renshuu's dictionary is based on). Will add a way to filter on them!

Multiple entries for same term: Changed: this has already been greatly improved.

Dictionary search results when adjusting a vocabulary lesson or schedule: complaint that the search results are too basic (example sentence number, tags, etc.). Considering: have some advanced settings to expose that data for users that want it.

As you can see, about half of the requests have been implemented, and I'm working on the rest!!

1 year ago (Edited 1 year ago.)
Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,645


Usage notes on grammar now visible by default.

New FAQ entry explaining the vocab markers in dictionary (along with a text update on one of them).

A few (not all - not quite sure how I want to handle the "common" category since it is actually a collection of several dozen tags) of the vocab markers are now included in filters for the vocabulary dictionary.

1 year ago
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