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Level: 110, : 6,631

Here is everything we've got ready for you in this month's new renshuu version! The changes will be available for all site and app users around noon, Japan time.

Shiritori Cat

Shiritori cat is a fun, single-player way to practice your Japanese vocabulary! Jump into a simulated chat session with one of the cats and see who can last the longest at shiritori, a word game enjoyed here in Japan.

New Sentence Study modes

We've brought the grammar study modes that we introduced last time to all sentence lessons.

Jumble Mode

JLPT Style Star Mode

Listening mode - listen to recordings done by native speakers and fill in what you hear!

Listening mode and JLPT Star mode are available to renshuu pro users, while jumble mode is available to everyone!

New Sentence lessons

We've also been hard at work making sentence lessons for you! If you jump over to the Study Center (under Learn) and click on the "made by renshuu" category, you can dive right in. We have over 3,000 sentences available with audio, covering from absolute beginner to those studying for the N1. I'm the most excited about The Basic 300 and Beginner 500, which cover a few dozen different sentence styles and situations so you can pinpoint your studies.

While you're in the Study Center, why don't you click Scheds and make a new mastery schedule for some sentence lessons that interest you?

New Grammar lessons (make your own!)

You can now make your own grammar lessons based on the hundreds of expressions in our grammar library, and immediately have access to the grammar quizzes available for those expressions. We are in the process of making lesson sets for many of the popular textbooks and prep books available.

Already, we are happy to have the following sets available for you:

Genki I

Genki 2

N5 through N1 of the So-Matome JLPT series

N4,N3,N1 of the Shin-kanzen Master JLPT series

More coming the following months!

A bigger Grammar library with more expressions with quizzing available!

In the last month, we've added an additional 1,500 grammar questions to our grammar quizzes, bringing the total to over 6,000 hand-made grammar questions available to you. We now have quizzing available for over 550 different expressions! All users can quiz these immediately, while renshuu pro users get access to the full 6,000 (and growing) sentences so they can study the grammar through a variety of sentence patterns and styles.

Visual refresh

A lot of smaller changes have been made to the Dictionary and the Grammar library to help you get more out of them. You can probably see we have a new logo at the top of the site as well!

N5 (beginner) level crossword puzzles

If you jump over to the Crosswords section under Games, you'll see that there are now beginner level puzzles for those who are just getting started!

Android app is leaving beta!

Later today, we will be removing the beta label on the renshuu app in the Android Play Store! If you haven't already, check it out!

New renshuu pro pricing

Since first starting renshuu pro, we have added an incredible number of features, study modes, games, and native-developed content to help you on your journey to Japanese mastery. To better reflect everything you get with renshuu pro, we have updated the prices. This will let us continue to grow renshuu's contents and continue to help you.

That being said, the original prices will be available as a sale until the September 30th, 2020. Anyone that jumps in before then and joins renshuu pro will NOT see a price increase as long as they remain pro subscribers.

1 year ago
Years Studied: Less than 1 formally, 2-3 informally
Studying: Japanese 2 at college via Genki 1
Level: 364, : 19

I know I've said it before, but I think it's worth repeating: thank you for your dedication and effort in constantly improving renshuu. Love the new features.

1 year ago (Edited 1 year ago.)
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