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Level: 38, : 3

I've seen this on other apps, and it really helps. Every word you didn't know in the crossword could be added to a Japanese vocabulary list on the app. This could help when people are trying to expand their vocabulary or attempt the more advanced puzzles, and didn't know the words before. And since Renshuu also does vocabulary learning, it'd be nice if the Renshuu app and the crossword app was LINKED.

For example, if I looked up the new word I didn't know, and had a button to add it to a learning list for the Renshuu app, then I could go back and study it. Is there a way to do a collective vocabulary list for the J-crossword app?

*Note this is just an add-on idea I thought would be nice to have*


1 year ago
Site admin
Level: 109, : 6,621

Linking WILL happen, but not for the initial release. I love your idea, and I think it'll be great to have.

In addition, I have plans for renshuu pro users to be able to get their schedule crosswords imported automatically into the app as well.

The initial release, though, will be 100% renshuu independent - I need to see how well it does, though, before deciding how much further to develop the app.

1 year ago
Level: 38, : 3

AWESOME!!! Thanks for considering my idea :)

I like the J-crosswords so far, so I'm hoping everyone will too! I'm looking forward to the initial release so I can tell my friends, who already use Renshuu, about it.

Thank you!! ヽ(^0^)ノ

1 year ago
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