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Forums - Lifetime pro "buy one get one free" special - December 2020

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From December 10th until the 31st, 2020, all purchases of renshuu pro lifetime will come with a second lifetime package for free! Get lifetime pro for yourself, and choose someone else to enjoy it as well!

Terms for this promotion:

1. The lifetime pro package must be purchased between December 1st and 31st of 2020. Everyone that purchased a lifetime pro package before the 10th (when this deal was announced) will retroactively receive this offer.

2. The second lifetime pro package must be activated between December 10th 2020 and March 1st, 2021.

3. To activate the second package, simply drop us a line via the "Contact us" item in the Help menu, and give us the username of the account that you would like to gift the lifetime pro package to.

1 year ago
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