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Site admin
Level: 109, : 6,623

We are happy to say that we are preparing a visual update to the achievement/hanko system of renshuu - it's super cool.

In addition, we will be removing some of the achievements that don't really fit into renshuu anymore, as well as add several new ones that deserve to be in there, and will help guide users to new areas of the site.

We will be removing achievements related to:

1. Beta mode

2. Setting up your settings / learning methods (these are mostly done automatically, now)

3. Mobile usage (over 80% of new users are mobile, so this is not really a thing anymore)

4. Genki points

We will be adding achievements related to:

1. Sentence quizzing

2. Cleaning up the grammar achievements

3. New games (Shiritori Cat / Counter Punch) - not sure if they will be separate achievements, or rolled into the other ones.

I am also considering removing some of the overall categories, such as games played, instead focusing on achievements for each individual game. Our new achievement system is more connected, so we cannot have an unlimited number of achievements without making our new layout very difficult.

If you have any achievements you'd like to see, let us know!

1 year ago
Site admin
Level: 109, : 6,623

I should mention that the kanjis for the achievements will be going away. I think they were not really accessible to lower level learners.

If you have used our J-Crosswords app, the achievement system there is a hint at where we are going with the new system here, but not quite the same. We believe that the achievements should visually show growth and accomplishment, and the new visuals will really tie into that, instead of all the achievements in one category doing nothing but "filling up" the larger circles on the left.

This will be enough of a change that we'll probably need to run a beta round for it, and we'll have news about that before the end of the month.

1 year ago
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