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Level: 36, : 0

Hey! :D

I really like the idea connecting people this way.

Im a beginner japanese learner from Germany teaching myself through rdk and Genki/Duolingo.

I can read Kana and am focusing on Kanji right now, grammar is still a long way for me.

How to communicate? Mainly writing but im also open for a chat in discord.


1 year ago
Years Studied: 2009から
Studying: N2
Level: 358, : 377

I'd love to connect with other people and chat informally! I have been living in Japan since 2008 but my studies have been pretty off-and-on until the past year or so. Thanks to the pandemic, I have a lot fewer chances to go out (boo) but a lot more time to stay in and study textbooks (yay?). I guess I am at around the N2 level, though I haven't taken the test. I speak Japanese pretty much every day but struggle with kanji and grammar. I like playing video and board games, reading, and taking pictures of my cats. Please feel free to message me either here or on Discord @ renkotsuban#7102. (I am in the renshuu Discord channel but mostly lurking because I am shy, whoops.) I am also on LINE and Steam so if you'd prefer either of those methods instead, just lemme know and I'll add you. Let's do our best!!

1 year ago
Years Studied: 1
Level: 6, : 8

Hi! I don't know if anyone'll see this. Lol. I'm just looking for partners since I don't really have anyone to communicate with. :)

My Japanese level is beginner, as I only know the Hiragana, some of the Katakana and a few Kanjis.

I've been studying Japanese for about 10 or so months now.

In terms of communication, communicating here is fine. I do also have a Fandom wiki account (PurrincessNoire, if you want to search it up), but I don't have anything that'll work with vocal practice.

I love music, anime, reading, writing, and learning languages. (Japanese is technically my third language after French, which is my second.) I also really like playing video games or watching YouTube. :)

As I said, I don't know if anyone'll see this, but I'm always up for making new friends and conversation partners! :D

8 months ago
Years Studied: 6
Studying: Everything
Level: 56, : 29

Hey ฅ(=•́ܫ•̀ || I think the Discord is probably more active but I will post here.

I've always liked the idea of someone to practice with but I was too perfectionist / anxiety ridden to try with an official speaking coach on a schedule. I'm a really patient person, I will die to Soulsborne boss 100 times and not be angry, kind of a clown in the original sense, so it's best to partner up with someone who can just laugh along with mistakes and not stress. Best learning comes from pushing your limits and making mistakes! And feel free to take your time too.

I've studied for about 6 years, want to say I'm a low N2 or high N3, or better yet just say I'm 'Animal Crossing' level lol, as I play どうぶつの fully comprehended on DS. I do know assorted N1 material too, as I'm a fan of some Heian period characters/ figures / stories, so I end up reading a lot of archaic speech. Reading is my strongest skill, I love kanji, and love learning new kanji so throw em out there if you know obscure words to use in context.

We can practice wherever, you can drop me a message here, or discord is ebi#0236, or if you prefer the 'pen pal letter' style where there's more time between conversation but more substance, you can add me on Slowly ID: XDZMRW
I'd probably want to just start off with writing, maybe someday verbal / listening, as it's my weakest skill thanks to auditory processing issues (for all languages), but not necessary.

I love cats, the beach, aquatic animals, bugs / arachnids, severe weather, moon/sun, video games like Silent Hill, Skyrim, New Vegas, etc, I play FGO, I like hiking / being alone in nature, and visual kei music. I'm a surrealist monster / concept artist and painter.

Whatever your skill level doesn't matter to me, we can exchange and learn on equal terms, or I can help you out or vice-versa. See you maybe.

(・ﻌ・) /

7 months ago
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