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Level: 2, : 1

Just wondering what you get for subscribing to Pro.

1 year ago
Years Studied: 12+ (on and off)
Studying: Kanji: JLPT N1, KK3; Grammar: JLPT N4; Vocab: JLPT N3, JFBP 3
Level: 703, : 245

When subscribing to pro you get all the things listed on this page:


Personally, going pro is completely worth it from my perspective. The listening vector alone was already quite useful and the recent addition of the sentence quizzing is also something that at least I really appreciate.

1 year ago
Site admin
Level: 109, : 6,623

Kise - if you haven't already, you will get a message through renshuu 2 days after you register with a free trial to use renshuu pro (no auto-renewal or any junk like that, just a simple trial) - definitely check that out when it comes in :)

1 year ago
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