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We hope everyone is healthy and doing well!

New features!

Pitch/Accent data - renshuu now has a large and growing library of accent data for thousands of the most common Japanese words. We hope this helps you improving your speaking.

renshuu pro features
Pitch/Accent quizzes - quizzes are now available so you can practice identifying accents!
Ton of new fonts - we have added several new fonts for you to choose from, and a special scheduler for cycling through multiple fonts.
New Kao-chan character! - a super-cute Kao-chan evolutionary path is waiting for you!

Information on all of this is on the pro page in the menu, or the pro help page for current pro members.

New languages for renshuu! - thanks to several wonderful members of the renshuu community, you can test out the in-progress translations of renshuu in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and more! Check out the Menu > Settings icon > Visuals for these languages.
PS - we are still looking for more translators! More info on the settings page.

renshuu pro sale

To celebrate all the great stuff we've added to pro, we're running huge sales on year-long and lifetime pro packages!

J-Crosswords on sale!

The super puzzle pack in our sister app, J-Crosswords, is also on sale! Check it out on the Play Store or the App Store.

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