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Forums - renshuu news for August 2021 (New game + Sale!)

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our next game, Quick Draw! Practice your hiragana, katakana, and kanji writing as you help Kao-chan defeat monsters throughout the world! Multiple writing styles, an overworld, achievements, TONs of monsters, and more await you!

Vocabulary and Kanji writing for Schedules

In addition to a revamped writing system when materials are first introduced on renshuu, you can now blend writing practice directly into your vocabulary and kanji schedules! With a ton of writing styles (depending on your skill level) as well as grading sliders, write as much as you'd like! Available immediately for renshuu pro users. Already a pro member? Check it out under Help > renshuu pro usage

Back to School sale!

We've dropped prices on yearlong and lifetime memberships for renshuu pro! to help welcome students (back) to school. Of course, the discounts are available to everyone :).

Japanese Basics expansion

We've greatly expanded the number of lessons available under Learn > Japanese Basics, so if you'd having trouble with the absolute basics of Japanese sentence structure and grammar, definitely check it out! We'll have some *awesome* news about a new feature involving these features sometime in September :)

What else has changed?

We've made so many improvements to renshuu since our last announcement that it's impossible to summarize. Please peruse the list below if you'd like! Split up by category.

[Feature] In Schedule Settings, you can now study a term multiple times a day (one for each vector) if more than one vector is ready for studying. Great for newly-introduced terms!
[Feature] You can now duplicate schedules on the "Manage your Schedules" page
[Feature] Can now add/remove lessons from schedules in the Lesson Center.
[Improvement] Schedule settings: "Mix in studypad" moved to Advanced, "New terms to add (max) hidden"
[Improvement] You can now add Studypad to a schedule!
[Fix] Settings not appearing when it's extra review (schedule summary)


[Improvement] Visuals for levels 2 through 4 on Kao-chan (basic flavor) have been updated!
[Improvement] Small update to text of schedule when in review mode
[Improvement] When words are grouped in the vocabulary dictionary, they are ordered based on frequency.
[Fix] Fixed dictionary scrolling issue (only happened with some users)
[Fix] Manga didn't load from the dashboard sometimes
[Fix] Kao coins collection remembers your viewing preference.
[Fix] Small hiragana fix on Kao Manga #56
[Fix] Fixed numbers of Grammar library stats on Dashboard > Stats
[Fix] Button text for schedules on dashboard fixed (If you had anything other than 'simple' mode on the dashboard settings).


[Improvement] Much better sentence selection (difficulty) for vocab sentence questions.
[Improvement] Continual improvements to flexibility of jumble/star quiz modes
[Improvement] 'Match the Readings' quiz mode does better at preventing two kanji that have the same reading.
[Improvement] Sentence Jumble/Stars can now handle interchanging pairs of words. Ex った。 and った。
[Improvement] Sentence quizzes now correctly follow preference for automatically playing audio.
[Improvement] The app no longer needs permission each time to auto-play audio for listening quizzes.
[Improvement] Type of speech added to introduction cards (vocabulary)
[Fix] Split out writing options for vocab and kanji
[Fix] Sentence listening questions more flexible with numerals in the puzzle.


[Improvement] Added a bit more cuteness to status/error messages
[Improvement] Drawing pad doesn't jump around as much on smaller phones.
[Improvement] The title Inbox doesn't flash when first opening it.
[Improvement] Approved pictures now spread out to all versions of a word.
[Improvement] Cleaned up visuals of some settings
[Improvement] Redid visuals of kana/romaji index of Grammar Library
[Improvement] All buttons for kao coin bonus points are now shown
[Fix] Small sizing issue with font samples when switching from light to dark mode.
[Fix] Learning Pace popup overflowed on small screens


[Improvement] You can now pan and zoom the crossword puzzles!
[Improvement] Shiritori games will be checked every 5 minutes for dead-ends
[Improvement] If you send hanko (hanko maker) to dashboard, automatically adds that panel to your dashboard if you don't already have it.
[Fix] Games issue where timer continued even after pause pressed
[Fix] Alert notifications for new shiritori rounds were not following user preferences.
[Fix] Shiritori preferences for daily challenges not always followed


[Feature] Added Arabic definitions (53,000) to dictionary!
[Feature] Added kana charts under Learn menu (in website only, app will get link in menu after next update)
[Improvement] Indonesian/Arabic added to translation center
[Improvement] Volume normalized on word pronunciations
[Improvement] Translation center now lets you focus on JLPT levels for vocab/kanji
[Improvement] Cleaned up time-zone selector in settings.
[Improvement] Pitch data added to sentence popups
[Improvement] Much better handling of input fields on iOS (no zooming)
[Improvement] Rebuilt JLPT grammar lessons in Lesson Center. Includes a few new lessons, as well as an extra lesson at each level that contains all quizzable expressions that don't have their own categorized lessons.

11 months ago
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