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Here is a list of all the smaller changes made to renshuu over the last two months.


● In introduction panel and writing quizzes, new button after you finished writing which will hide everything except what you actually wrote.
● Renshuu will now message you if you "finish" a pre-made schedule (studied every term at least once), giving you suggestions for what to study next.
● Small schedule-specific setting for where to show answer (good for writing only schedules)
● New setting (in new settings panel only) - enable pronunciation after questions, but not kana alphabets
● All term lists can now be sorted by "learned (most) recently" and "studied (most) recently"
● Tap on the green numbers next to your schedule (xx to review, xx to learn) to see the terms that are coming up for review or learning.
● Grammar pages pop up in window, making it easier to view them and get back to where you were.
● Settings expanded for pronunciation after questions - sentences can be disabled separately.
● Mastery level spacing available for individual schedules.
● You can now adjust the drawing pad size for writing practice
● You can select (disabled) for keyboard shortcuts to turn them off.
● "xx to learn" numbers (for schedules) can now be tapped to see the upcoming new terms
● Focused reviews have replaced Extra review, and allow for much more focused drilling of materials in your schedules.


● If you entered a mnemonic for kanji, it will come up as the first mnemonic in the kanji dictionary.
● Mnemonics in kanji dictionary will now sort ones you've upvoted to the top.

● Listening questions now specify if term is hiragana or katakana
● "Avoid spelling mistakes" setting now lowers chance of spelling mistakes with kanji in vocabulary questions.
● Grammar quizzes for conjugations - if you don't know the verb being conjugated, information about it will appear in the question box.
● Writing quizzes - the self-grading buttons will not appear until you've written the character(s) at least once.
● Unknown words are shown below grammar questions, even if they are part of the answer.
● Buttons on writing panel cleaned up, preventing overlap with some characters
● Better fit of answer boxes for some questions on mobile.
● A bit more flexibility on adjective conjugation quiz spellings
● Kana quizzes will randomly choose answers that are visually similar to the correct answer.

● Quick Draw - better sync between disappearing characters and when timer starts.
● Better placement of character power ball on smaller screens (Quick Draw)
● When passing a word on Shiritori Cat, it will not give a word with the same ending as the previous word.
● Shiritori cats should have more variation in the words being played by the cats.
● Shiritori Cat - when asking for a hint, it prefers words you already know
● Added a bit of Kao-chan XP to Counter Punch, Shiritori Cat, and Quick Draw!
● Asks for confirmation before clearing a crossword puzzle
● New daily challenges for Quick Draw, Counter Punch, and Shiritori Cat

● Japanese Basics menu shows which ones you have finished/are part-way through
● Japanese Basics lessons now tell you if you left a lesson partway through.
● みゃ・みゃ・みょ and ミャ・ミュ・ミョ added to kana charts
● Much easier to add English to sentences in sentence lessons
● There's been a MAJOR improvement to the 1,200 questions that make up the grammar quizzes for Beginners/N5. The sentence complexity and words used have been completely redone, so please enjoy a *much* easier set of questions (so you can focus on the grammar you are learning).

● Schedule rollover time added to main settings panel (under Time Zone)
● Under Experimental (in Settings), you can now easily sign up for announcements when new experimental features are available.
● Under Settings > Sentences, you can now choose to have sentence translations appear by default in grammar quizzes.
● In Settings > Notifications, you can specify when you want the schedule reminder to come.

● Small visual changes to dropdown boxes on renshuu
● More appropriate characters chosen for kanji parts picker, a few reordered.
● Button to add sentences to lessons/schedules now available on example sentences below vocab terms.
● Privately entered sentences appear at top of sentence lists for words
● Made some visual improvements to the kanji parts picker in the dictionary.
● Grammar pages load up in popup, making it easier to close them and get back to the previous page.
● Grammar titles (in lists, and in introductions) are more accurate.
● "Manage your Schedules" page has been greatly improved so it's easier to add pre-built schedules!
● Menu options adjusted (Help / Support Renshuu)
"renshuu pro usage" moved to Settings panel
"quiz problem?" moved to Help button (now on desktop as well)
"Contact us?" moved to Help button


● Writing mode (hints only) was not respecting setting that determined whether or not it automatically proceeds to next stroke.
● Writing practice (including Quick Draw) had some timing/grading issues with the disappearing kanji, particularly on Firefox.
● Sizing for pitch questions fixed on longer words
● Japanese Basics schedule would not load new lesson when on quiz finish page.
● Quizzes with more than 50 new terms were getting cut off
● Issue preventing some kanji quizzes from starting (Please select one or more quiz styles) resolved!
● Boxes above writing box acting oddly when characters that cannot be practiced were present (ABC, etc.)
● When turned on, pronunciation of word was not happening in result box if the next question was a listening one.
● Studypad grammar quizzes were not starting.
● Next button on fundamentals lessons was only half-working if a new user jumped straight to them.
● Issue with toggling between hiragana and kanji writing for vocabulary words on introduction cards

● Weird visual flashing on Quick Draw (iOS only)
● Fixed error where grading was always wrong if first time missed (iOS, Quick Draw)
● Better popup handling on smaller screens (Quick Draw > Leaders, Mnemonic entry form)
● Crossword footer sometime wouldn't disappear when on schedule page

● Fixed super-rare bug where くれる in honorific form くださる in sentences caused an extra hiragana to get added.

● Dictionary selector was cut off in some situations
● Some kanji part descriptions were not wrapping around
● Settings icon for dashboard not appearing
● Japanese Basics lessons no longer skip slides when moving backwards.
● Duplicated schedules (in Manage your Schedules) were not showing up immediately.
● Schedules were not always following the # of new terms was adjusted lower in the schedule settings.
● Could not open grammar page when looking at list of new expressions before quiz
● Popups in dictionary would sometimes disappear before you could click them.
● Sentence parser better handles katakana words (e.g. names) that are not in the dictionary
● Page buttons for searching sentences (when editing lists/schedules) fixed
● Searching inside of a schedule or lesson for sentences (while editing) was not working.

7 months ago (Edited 7 months ago.)
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