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Level: 357, : 937

I second everything @Anonymous123 said.

4 months ago
Years Studied: 18
Level: 58, : 5

So sorry I haven't replied until just now, the holidays are such a crazy time I'm just getting my feet back under me. ^^;
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely suggestions. I think they're going to help a lot.

@TSEのサマンサ This is a fantastic suggestion, and would be great for my vocab retention all around. Thank you! Might be a little difficult at first with a 2 year old in the house, she'll think the notes are hers to take, but I'll just have to get creative and find a more toddler proof way to label is all. It's the never ending battle of wits between child and parent. XD

Absolutely no problem! I always feel bad about taking forever to respond too but if it's not going to kill someone, I think they'll be okay with the wait. Everyone has their own circumstances.

Labeling things has really helped my students (at least the ones who actually do it)--I teach beginner and intermediate Japanese--since the act of making and assigning the notes creates a mental association. You are present in the moment while doing this because you have to actively think about what you are doing.

😆 I understand about grabby 2 year olds--and 1 year olds. Try it on things out of their reach to see if it works for you first! Your standing eye level, for example. So, inside the kitchen cabinets maybe?


4 months ago (Edited 4 months ago.)
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Studying: Total beginner
Level: 215, : 85

Thnx. Is WaniKani on Android? If not, any recommendations?

WaniKani is a website, so technically yes you can do it on a phone/tablet and any OS, but I don't know how good the mobile version of the site is. I always did it on my PC.
Anonymous is right that WaniKani wants a subscription after level 10 (there are 40 levels), but I kind of got around that by doing the Anki deck version of their program. It's all of the same stuff but through Anki instead. The only thing it lacks is the ordering WK uses and the level up system, but it's free so that's a fine tradeoff for me. If you end up wanting to go the Anki route with WaniKani you can message me any time and I'll share what I did that helps overcome the learning order issue.
He(/she? Sorry Anonymous your username makes you anonymous in every sense XD) is also right that learning Kanji in Renshuu integrates it into your vocab, which is amazing. You should definitely be doing kanji here on Renshuu, but again they also have a WaniKani schedule if you decide to use that program. That's what I do. I do my main learning via the Anki WK deck, because it has the mnemonics and all of that in it, and then I activate the appropriate level in the WK schedule here on Renshuu when I get to that point.

Granted my method isn't a centralized, learn it all in one place approach, but it has worked really well for me.

(And for Anki, yes that free on Android. I think it's on iOS too, but it costs money. It also has a web version and a desktop version and they all synchronize. So I often do half of my Anki reviews on my mobile and then resume them on PC once my toddler goes down for her nap.)

4 months ago
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Top > 日本語を勉強しましょう / Let's study Japanese! > Anything About Japanese

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