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It's a new year, with new content and new features!

N3 and N2 grammar expansions

We've activated quizzes for almost 200 additional grammar expressions for JLPT N3 (Intermediate) and JLPT N2 (Advanced) levels! Any new grammar schedules for these levels will contain these, with instructions in your inbox for those who already had these schedules up.

Japanese parser in the dictionary

Have a phrase or sentence in Japanese that you can't break apart? Drop it in our vocabulary dictionary and let renshuu help you! Complete with definitions, conjugations, and more!

Kao Club is open!

Please check out Kao Club in the Support renshuu menu. It's a great way to help guide renshuu's future, request artwork to be done, and get sticker care packages in the mail!

Discount for new subscriptions

renshuu pro subscriptions are now half off their first month for anyone who hasn't purchased renshuu pro before.

Smaller updates, fixes, and improvements

● Better handling of variations on spelling for vocab in Sentence Listening Quizzes (Ex. vs. )
● Better handling of Cancel button for Focused Reviews
● Custom kanji parts used in mnemonics appear slightly bigger
● "Pause" button in Quick Draw does a better job of pausing when dealing with disappearing characters.
● If you go to schedule settings page from dashboard, it returns you to dashboard afterwards.
● Experimental sentence parser handles ら better (かれら v. あれら), の (かれ の)
● Sentence parser - handles suffixes better that come after numbers, better job of splitting out particles following certain words
● Added handwriting input for shiritori
● Better panning/zooming on crossword puzzles
● Slight improvements to layout of user sentence feedback
● Scrolling on some pages greatly improved for mobile devices
● iOS app users can now set a password in settings for logging in through renshuu.org
● Cleaned up HTML so website version of renshuu handles plugins like yomichan better
● "Study Level" categories have been renamed to better fit lessons found in Study Center
● If you submit an alternate (but correct) answer for jumble mode, it will let you know that in the result panel.
● "You cleared a schedule!" messages now offer easy buttons to make the next recommended schedule(s).
● The little eye icon that appears after you practice writing a character has been improved to show your writing more clearly. @ニャオヤ
● Kana crosswords start (visually) on the first clue (big improvement on smaller screens)

● Removed underline on colored circles for schedules
● Add button (plus sign) was not colored currently for mistakenly chosen words/kanji in result box.
● Some "Add to schedule" pop up boxes in the vocabulary dictionary were mispositioned.
● "Study new terms" on schedule summary page was not always acting properly.
consider comparison table on renshuu pro page
● X (close) button on popup modals sometimes disappeared.
● Notifications for schedules ready to be studied were not going out.
● Add link in quiz result box was not always working.
● If you froze every schedule, they'd not appear on the dashboard.
● When launching quiz from grammar library, grammar page didn't close.
● Mixed reviews on grammar quizzes not always loading properly
● Using the writing pad size on mobile was not working correctly
● Japanese Index was not remembering sort/search values when jumping pages
● Grammar library stats on (other) user profiles were pointing to wrong data.
● Dark mode colors better on schedule settings
● Puzzle alignment issues on mobile (crosswords)
● Export tool on term lists was not working.
● Some fixes with page numbers when dealing in tinker mode on a list
● Some kanji shiritori rounds were not restarted when the shiritori round hit a word that could not be played off of.
● Changing mastery levels on grammar was not working on Japanese Index
● In some cases, star quiz mode was marking incorrect answers as correct.
● Sentence listening questions better handle variations in く and る verb suffixes.

6 months ago
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