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Years Studied: Too many
Studying: Intermediate Japanese Revised (Plus anything I find)
Level: 789, : 945

Hello everyone!

Recently I have decided to create a YouTube channel covering Japanese kanji and grammar.

As you can see there is no content currently but I will start production in March with actual lessons later this year.


To help raise money to get the channel started I decided to create a shop where you can buy your name in Katakana with either cherry blossoms or a samurai.

These will mainly be on hats and stickers. Some people even asked for water bottles.


If you don't see your name but would like to have your name added to the list please comment below with your name or DM me!

4 months ago
Site admin
Level: 111, : 6,656

I wish you the best! shirokitsune checked this post with me before making it, and I wholly endorse it.

4 months ago
Studying: the ceiling...
Level: 74, : 24

we love to see new resources! I hope for the best in your future production!

4 months ago
Level: 61, : 40

Interested! Please let me know when content is released.

4 months ago
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Top > 会話 / General discussion > Anything Goes

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