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Level: 119, : 2


I wanna be able to play music while using the app. Is there a way to this coz as soon as I switch apps to Renshuu it stops the music.

4 months ago
Years Studied: not enough
Studying: second half of N4, but I'm preparing to re-study all N5-N4 grammar
Level: 134, : 47

Are you listening to music through Youtube?

I'm not usually on my phone, so I have only one guess as to what the issue is.

1. Youtube automatically stops/pauses when minimized unless a premium is paid.

This happens on my phone too. I don't even need to have another app up. It behaves this way even when Youtube is in a browser window.

However, other music services don't do this.

4 months ago
Years Studied: 2
Studying: B.Sc Petroleum & Gas Engineering | Japanese
Level: 227, : 52

On my iOS device it does the same. I use Apple Music. I guess it’s because renshuu plays audio when you review stuff, so your phone must think “audio focus should be on the app that’s currently on the screen rather than a background app”. I’ve not found a way to get past this.

4 months ago (Edited 4 months ago.)
Level: 119, : 2

I use Renshuu on my iPhone and listen to music on Apple Music. So I’m looking a way to play music while using Renshuu on my iPhone.

4 months ago
Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,645

This is something that I need to fix - it is unfortunately harder than it should be due to the way that renshuu was built, but it is an issue that I'm aware of.

Basically, the audio in renshuu stops the background music. Because renshuu is a blend between a true native app and a web site, it does not have as clear of a path to fixing this as other apps do.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

This is not ideal, but you can always disable the auto-playing of audio after a quiz question so nothing plays automatically unless you request it.

4 months ago
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