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Is there any way to hear clearly for me its hard to hear exactly what they say

5 months ago (Edited 5 months ago.)
Site admin
Level: 123, : 6,928

Are you having problems because the volume is too low, or because the contents of the sentence? Does it happen for all sentences, or is it just a few? I'd love a couple of ones that are giving you problems.

5 months ago
Level: 723, : 2,195

Is there any way to hear clearly for me its hard to hear exactly what they say

Assuming the problem is not a technical one, I can provide some insight as to my own personal experience. At first it was really, really hard to train my ear to hear what was being said.

So, the approach I used is:

Press play. Try to get the next 1 or 2 syllables. Repeat until you have all the syllables.

After you have all the syllables, parse it into words, so you can identify what doesn't make sense and correct it.

So, at first, I was replaying the same sentence 20+ times. Which was certainly tedious, but things got better. After a while, I was starting to hear more and more words, so I only needed to do this for the gaps (mostly new vocab, where things are said quickly, or where the end of one word blends into the start of next one giving an unexpected sound).

So, if it's not a technical issue, I think it's pretty normal, to have difficulty, at first, clearly hearing what is being said.

5 months ago
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