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Years Studied: 3 years
Studying: N2
Level: 572, : 23

So I'm currently working my way through the Jyoyou set on Renshuu. I just want to get the recommend Kanji under my belt. But 1 or 2 Chinese characters have come up. So my question is should I be learning these too or can I ignore them? An example is く show as the Chinese way below.

3 months ago
Years Studied: 12+ (on and off)
Studying: Kanji: JLPT N1, KK3; Grammar: JLPT N4; Vocab: JLPT N3, JFBP 3
Level: 707, : 248

EDIT: I was mistaken at first - I thought that is the dictionary entry for "hagasu" showing up strangely for you due to a font issue, but I was able to find this character searching for "haga" in the Renshuu dictionary.

Searching for it on the internet, it seems as this is a valid Japanese Kanji, e.g.:



As per the wiktionary page, the character was included in the 2010 jōyō reform instead of . So it seems that is deemed more important than , but I am also now unsure if you should learn the one but not the other or should just learn both? Maybe someone else already stumbled on this and can share their experience

3 months ago (Edited 3 months ago.)
Level: 676, : 1,680

Wikipedia for Joyo kanji says "The official Jōyō Kanji list states that "Due to the print typefaces which are currently available in computer systems, it is acceptable to use characters different from the ones show in this list (e.g. using instead of , etc.)". Although the official document does not specifically designate the characters which this statement applies to, it is likely that it is applicable to the following 14 characters: ."

3 months ago
Years Studied: 3 years
Studying: N2
Level: 572, : 23

Magical, seems like it'll be worth studying then if it will be regularly be appearing in printed texts. Thanking you both kindly for your detailed responses!

3 months ago
Level: 216, : 53

Overall, please do realize that most of the typing kanjis, have showed the Chinese version of the kanji, and also typerfaces had some difference with the actual kanji itself. It would be great to recognize the difference and understand which one is the generally accepted, and that would be okay. There are a few that are very different and when you pick it up from the font, it is quite obvious, and some are more subtle. If you stumble in which should be the correct one, always go back to the published joyo list that is the most updated:

(Official PDF)


(Official Japanese govt website and discusses acceptable difference)


For the kanji in question, it shows that both is acceptable, and in one of the supplementary pdf explainations, it shows exactly the difference:


and they explicitly said that one is handwritten and one is computerized, and both is accepted. Therefore, in some sense, do understand that there are these differences and some are acceaptable if you remember the "typed" version which is sometimes the Chinese version.

3 months ago
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