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Forums - Mastery Level Filters for Sentences (overall) gives unexpected results

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Level: 678, : 1,699

When studying Sentence, and using the Overall filter, I clicked on the Mastery levels, to see which sentences were at the level, but the the results seemed incorrect. For example when I clicked on Level 2, I got nothing despite the graph showing 8. On other levels only a small number of sentences appeared when many sentences were expected.

Notably, everything works as expected on different types of schedules e.g. Vocab, Grammar, Kanji, or when the individual category for "Listening" or "Structure" are selected i.e. The problem only occurs specifically for Sentences and Overall


As such, it's only a minor inconvenience for me.

2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Site admin
Level: 111, : 6,656

Sorry for the delay - should be fixed!

2 months ago
Level: 678, : 1,699

Thanks. Works great now.

2 months ago
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