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Forums - What's up w adding friends here ?

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Level: 25, : 2

かんにちは! I am really new here (like ik hiragana's first 10 letters only), and everyone seems to be talking about "adding friends" and such. Can someone elaborate ? Do we get to chat or is it like those send-virtual-gifts kinda thing ? Simply put, what's the point of this friend adding feature ? How do i access it ?

also there apparently a friendship code ? someone please elaborate 🙏

2 months ago
Level: 220, : 60


Adding friends is a way to use the japanese you learn. You can find people to talk about similar interests in order to take your japanese further and help each other. Some chat here on renshu, there is a friend code at the bottom of the community page, just click add friend and you will find your code and be able to type friend codes in, ( I think it's just to help find friends easily ) or you can click add friend on someone's profile and wait to see if they accept it. Then renshu has discord and some prefer to chat there, you can find a link in the community tab in the menu. It's just a fun way to keep up your skills and enjoy learning with others.

2 months ago
Level: 511, : 362

If you guys want to chat another way, I think you can email people through the Renshuu mail service

Thought I'd add a cent to the pot.


2 months ago
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