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Here is a more fine-grained list of changes, fixes, and updates to renshuu in the last 30-45 days!

Features & Content

● Vocab notes are now available! Add and view notes (mnemonics, usage notes, definition info) on vocabulary terms!
● The schedule settings have been updated and cleaned up! More easily adjust how and what you want to study in a quiz.
● Quiz Settings - get quick access to the most popular quiz settings directly from the quiz screen!
● Kanji Radical Chart now available under Resources
● Under Visuals (in Settings), you can replace red/greens with colors easier to view for those with red/green color-blindness.
● A large and growing batch of new (N5 level) lessons are available under Resources > Japanese Basics

マスター N2 grammar textbook lessons added to Lesson Center
● In schedule settings, you can set new terms to be studied in reverse order (last ones added to the schedule will come up first.)
● Stroke diagrams added to kana on Kana chart (under Learn)
● "Reset schedule" button added to schedule settings (at the very bottom)
● Our Question Corner has made a huge jump, and has gone from once a month to twice a week! More conversation practice :)
● Blended vocabulary vectors are now available in the schedule settings, and are turned on by default for new schedules.
● Anti-flood mechanism is now active for all users! You can now add new vectors to your schedule to try without getting flooded with a ton of "read to study" terms!


● Quick Draw leader boards were not necessarily using your best run of a level.
● Delete button not working for private sentences in some lists
● When looking at writing page on dashboard, it no longer closes when you try to bind a sentence to the dictionary.
● Sort and Filter for sentence lists has been fixed
● Better handling of counters (with time) in the Text Analyzer
● Plus button for sentences were not appearing in some situations (in quiz)
● Certain actions while adjusting a custom vocab list would replace definitions with (definition not available)
● Could not adjust custom lesson meta-data in some situations
● If you have a daily limit set on schedule, the trophy colors will be more accurate
● Better handling of wrong values when adjusting # of new terms for schedules.
● "Add to" buttons not correctly colored on popups for sentences in vocab intro page
● Improvement on appearance of grading buttons for writing practice (in quiz)
● Quiz result numbers were off if you used the "Mark as wrong" feature
● Grammar introduction (before quiz) was not showing enough example sentences
● Weighting weaker or stronger terms in a schedules was not working correctly
● Search results in the lesson center would reset if too many lessons were viewed.
● Shortened definitions for words appearing below sentences (in quizzes), which option to expand them out
● You can now subscribe to the Kao Club page and get notifications when new projects are submitted.
● Words that have multiple kanji readings will order in the dictionary based on frequency of use. (Example: える, える, える)
● When you send in an alternate sentence jumble answer, it'll show both your answer and the original.
● Crosswords do a better job of preventing autocomplete suggestions from popping up.
● Scrolling of lists/grammar on iOS devices should be greatly improved for most users (staggered roll out)
● Better sizing and spacing of schedules on dashboard for smaller devices
● Get XP when you finish lessons in Japanese Basics :)
● Compact schedule list better handles Focused Review
● Quick Shiritori - you can now filter out kanji rounds
● Various fixes and improvements to jumble and listen modes for sentences
● Community tab now has settings for ordering/disabling panels
● Community tab > Settings > Can hide forum topics that have been read
● Added clear button to dictionary search panels
● Clearer explanation as to why new terms cannot be learned.
● Crossword clues now follow your language preferences.
● Anti-Flood Protection (in Experimental) will now scale out the time-range for when new vectors are new spread out (anywhere from 20 to 100 days, depending on the size of your schedule: it is aiming for a max of 25 questions a day)


● When you lose in Shiritori Cat, the reason is given on the game-over screen
● On Community Tab panel, you can now choose which forums you want to view.
● Question Corner and Word Gardens have adopted the new visual style from the Community Tab
● You can now adjust custom numbers for schedule directly from the Learning Pace dropdown.
● User sentences on grammar pages now utilize same style as Question Corner
● Leaderboard widgets (dashboard, and after a quiz) are now lazy-loaded so the pages load faster.
● Vocab notes available in more places
● Crossword puzzles for word schedules are now *much* more flexible, and will take in katakana, terms without kanji, and word on schedules as small as 40 terms.
● Mobile devices should act better if you have the drawing pad open, then tap into the input field
● Better messages/icon/text under schedules when you've hit your daily limit.
● You can attach a private sentence to a term without that word in it (or a different version of the term). This makes it useful for adding to user-made terms.
● Better sorting of lesson names in the "Add to lesson/schedule" popup
● You can now directly edit/delete private sentences from the Writings page.
● Stats panel on dashboard now allows for Sentence stats
● "Studied before" and "Never studied before" filters added to term lists
● Can view/make vocabulary notes from in-quiz results
● Custom lessons - you can search for a conjugated word, but choose to insert base form of word into lesson/schedule.
● Cleaned up layout of help panel, improved search results
● You can now toggle sound for the hiragana/katakana rounds of Quick Draw
● Shiritori Cat now shows you all words played after you finish a round.
● Mnemonics editor now shows kanji readings and definition

2 months ago
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