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Level: 102, : 42

June 2

Not so much besides lunch to mention today. At home, things are a little tough. I live with my wife and mother-in-law. The mother-in-law is becoming less and less able. She has us to care for her, but it is still hard as we have to be at work. I wonder how life must be for those older people who are on their own trying to struggle through increasingly different lives where they simply can't do what they used to be able to do. It must be a depressing palava.

Anyhow, best of the day to you all.

  • ごぼうピラフ
    • 、カルシウム、バター、ベーコン、ごぼう、、にんにく、とうもろこし、パセリ
  • のロック
    • 、さやいんげん、とうもろこし、ポークウインナー、すりみ、ひじき、、でん、ケッチャプ、ウスターソース
  • フルーツカクテル
    • みかん、パインみかん、りんごジュース
  • Burdock pilaf
    • germ milled rice, barley, calcium rice, butter, bacon, burdock, onion, carrot, garlic, corn, dried parsley
  • Rock fried tofu
    • fried tofu, green beans, corn, pork wiener, mashed fish paste, hijiki (seaweed), egg, starch, miso, rapeseed oil, ketchup, oyster sauce
  • Fruit cocktail
    • tinned mandarin, tinned pineapple, tinned peaches, tinned pears, tinned citron oranges, apple juice
2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Level: 102, : 42

June 3

Another heavy hitter on the lunch front - niku jaga. A perennial favourite of mine to see the week out.

It's been an eventful week. Just about through my Murakami book, and tempted to read the rest of his that I haven't yet.

The weather is remaining cooler than I think it usually is. Hopefully, that doesn't mean we have lots of heat, later on, to make up for it.

My mother-in-law got taken away in an ambulance. Turns out it is something afoot with one of her vertebrae in her back. Osteoporosis related I believe. Good luck to her in there. There are worse (and infinitely more expensive) places to be hospital bound.

Have a great weekend all.

  • じゃが
    • 、じゃが、しらたき、、さやいにんげん、たもぎたけ、ししいたけ、
  • かれいげ(おろしーソース)
    • かれい、でん
  • ミニトマト
  • Rice
  • Niku Jaga (Meat and Potatoes)
    • pork, potato, onion, shirataki noodles, carrot, kiriboshi daikon, green beans, golden oyster mushroom, dried shiitake, ginger, soy sauce, miso
  • Deep-fried flounder with grated vegetable sauce
    • flounder, starch, rapeseed oil, daikon, ginger, soy sauce
  • Mini tomato
2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Years Studied: ごろしましたけど、めたと、けた
Studying: Japanese, Korean, and Living life
Level: 280, : 141

Hang in there, brother. I can empathize with your difficult situation since my mother-in-law is on a less serious long-term life support. Hopefully, things will recover, and sustain with an acceptable quality of life for your family and mother-in-law herself for the long term.
2 months ago
Level: 102, : 42

I thank you. She is soldiering on in the hospital. We hope to get her home, or at least get her into a rehab place so she can build back better.

2 months ago
Level: 102, : 42

June 6

Top of the morning to you all, on lovely Monday morning. Great weekend. Got in touch with mother-in-law in the hospital. It makes it doubly difficult with the rona and hospitals being out of bounds. The nurses tell us she is eating, which is key to her recovery.

Got the garden well planted up. Of the top of my head we now have:

strawberries, spring onions, onions, sunflowers, capsicum, potatoes, cayenne peppers, poblano peppers, Hungarian Black peppers, Hungarian Wax peppers, beetroot, black beans, long beans, yakon, peanuts, salad greens (assorted), komatsuna, Ghost peppers, Aji lemon peppers, carrots, tomatoes (assorted), ghost peppers, orange habanero peppers, sweet potato.

I may have missed some, but there's going to be some great eating and chilli sauce making.

Have a great week. Now for lunch, headlining with Pork Cream Stew.

  • レースんパン
  • ポーククリームシチュー
    • 、じゃがパセリ、、バター、、っチーズ、スキムミルク
  • のハーブ
    • たら、にんにく、パンチーズ、バジル
  • Raisin Bread
  • Pork Cream Stew
    • pork, potato, onion, carrot, dried parsley, flour, butter, milk, soy milk, cheese, skim milk,
  • Grilled white fish with herbs
    • cod, garlic, breadcrumbs, powdered cheese, basil
  • Canned yellow peaches
2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Level: 102, : 42

June 7

A bit of sukiyaki is always good. Cook that up at home and it's comfort food time. The weather is coming round. Fortunately no rainy season up here in Hokkaido. Cracking day outside. Ordinary day inside.

Enjoy whatever you do, and if you aren't enjoying it, remember that this too shall pass.

  • すき
    • 、しらたき、ねぎ、たもぎたけ、ふ、ししいたけ、
  • アスパラのぷら
    • アスパラ、
  • のりとあさりの
    • あさり、しょうが、のり、ひじき、あめ
  • White rice
  • Sukiyaki
    • Pork, fried tofu, shirataki (konyaku) noodles, onion, bok choy, spring onion, golden oyster mushroom, fu(a type of dried tofu) shaped like a wheel, chrysanthemum, dried shiitake, soy sauce
  • Asparagus tempura
    • asparagus, flour, egg, rapeseed oil
  • Seaweed and clams fried individually
    • Clams, ginger, nori, hijiki (seaweed), soy sauce, glucose syrup
2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Level: 102, : 42

Nothing for the next three days. There are three times a year when I am extremely busy for three days, and they today, tomorrow, and the day after. See you on the other side.

2 months ago
Level: 102, : 42

June 13

Well, back to the ennui after my three monthly super busy week. Had a great weekend. If anyone has a Freshness Burger in their hood, I absolutely recommend they get themselves down there and have the パクチーバーガー。Coriander, cilantro - call it what you will. The burger is packed with it, and chicken, and green curry. It is something to behold.

All that aside, it's no Freshness Burger (but still relatively fresh since we have a kyuushoku kitchen at our school), I'm looking forward to my Menchikatsu Burger. Nothing pisses me off more than コロッケ. You bit into it, hoping, then are hit by the crushing disappointment that it isn't a menchikatsu.

Have a great week all. It was good to see the Yosakoi Festival back on since the advent of the Rona. I have to say but, with the same hairstyles, dancing uniforms and masks, all the girls looked like the same person.

  • バンズパン
  • あさりチャウダー
    • あさり、ベーコン、じゃがパセリ、、バター、、チーズ、スキムミルク
  • メンチカツバーガー
    • 、パン、でん、ケチャップ、ウスターソース
  • コールスローサラダ
    • キャベツ、、とうもろこし
  • Long split buns?
  • Clam Chowder
    • clams, bacon, potato, onion, carrot, dried parsley, flour, butter, milk, soy milk, cheese, skim milk
  • Menchikatsu Burger
    • pork, breadcrumbs, onion, flour, starch, rapeseed oil, ketchup, Oyster Sauce,
  • Coleslaw salad
    • cabbage, carrot, corn
2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Site admin
Level: 123, : 6,928

I'm quite the fan of Mos Burger - the fact that they have actually spicy jalapenos on some of their burgers has always been a big draw for me :)

2 months ago
Level: 102, : 42

My peppers in the garden are starting very slowly this year. Only ones that are looking like actual plants are my Lucid Gem.

2 months ago
Level: 102, : 42

June 15

Training day yesterday. The training wasn't much, but since I was at home I took the opportunity to slow-cook a brisket on the Weber. Fantastic. Charcoal and sticks from a cherry tree. Wonderful stuff.

Summer has really decided to arrive now. I pity all your poor bastards down Tokyo/Osaka way. Yeah, the winters here can be a little stern, but I'll take our summer any day of the week.

Spagbol today. Always a safe bet.


  • スパゲティ、パセリ、、セロリ、、にんにく、、カレールウ、ケチャップ、ウスターソース、ソース、
  • のりポテト
    • フレンチポテト、のり
  • みかんゼリー
    • みかんあめ
  • Spagbol
    • Spaghetti, dried parsley, pork, boiled soybeans, onion, carrot, celery, ginger, garlic, flour, curry roux, ketchup, oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce
  • Aonori seaweed and potato
    • French potato (fries?), rapeseed oil, aonori seaweed
  • Satsuma Mandarin Jelly
    • Mandarin Juice, Powdered candy
2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago.)
Level: 102, : 42

June 16

Rainy day up north today, so the garden will be happy.

The highlight of today's menu is not a food. It is the mention of tangerine. This word is mentioned not so much, so whenever I see it I am able to switch over to Youtube and watch the live video of Led Zeppelin's 'Tangerine'. A beautiful song. Here's the link so you can enjoy.

  • ピラフ
    • 、カルシウム、バター、、ベーコン、、にんにく、とうもろこし、
  • ナゲット
    • 、でん、ケチャップ、ウスターソース
  • ヨーグルト
    • みかん、 パインみかん、ヨーグルト
  • Komatsuna Pilaf
    • half milled rice, barley, calcium rice, butter, komatsuna, bacon, carrot, onion, garlic, corn, soy sauce, 
  • Tofu nuggets
    • fried tofu, chicken, onion, egg, starch, rapeseed oil, ketchup, oyster sauce
  • Yoghurt with fruit
    • canned mandarin, canned pineapple, canned peach、canned tangerine, yoghurt
2 months ago (Edited 1 month ago.)
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