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Level: 158, : 7,620

This is currently in a private beta. If you want to check it out, please DM me.

What is Kao Garden?

Kao Garden is a huge expansion in the motivation systems of renshuu. It will replace the current hanko achievements, and will act as a way to have daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your studies. By learning on renshuu, you'll be able to get "money" and buy things from the store to populate your garden. This will act as your public profile that others can view.

While most of the things you can buy are static, there are two special categories of items:

Plants (flowers, fruits, vegetables) - these can be planted in garden beds, pots, etc. These will have a chance to grow every day you study in renshuu!

Trees - each tree ties to a specific schedule (of your choosing) in renshuu. They take the longest to grow, and will directly represent your growing mastery in a schedule.

Future expansions include: indoors, special elements tied to your achievements in renshuu (Kao coin collection, etc.), pets, and a Kao-chan that appears (walks?) around.

Current Status

Finished In the works × Not yet started


** Functionality **

◎ Store (for purchasing things to put in Garden)

◎ Inventory panel

◎ Placement system

◎ Planting flowers/fruits/vegetables in gardens

◎ Planting trees

● Tree and plant growth (you can manually toggle it with buttons, but not tied to actual studies yet)

● Quests - Daily/weekly/all-time available

× Quest filtering system (remove quests you don't like)

× Personal quest creation (set your own goals, add later)



** Content / Visuals **

◎ Day/night system

● Sizing of all elements (think something is too big or small? let me know!)

● Visual UI elements (buttons, etc.) - need cleaning up

● We still have a ton more items to add. I'd expect...3x what we have for the initial release.

● Not crazy about the text colors on the quest boxes

× Zoom system?



IMPORTANT for older users: Currently, most of your achievement hankos have been transferred into the permanent quests. You will not yet receive money for the levels of those quests that you have finished. There is a system being developed to handle this.



Known Issues

1. Must press Save to save your garden.

2. No difference between viewing mode and edit mode, making it hard to scroll and zoom (zoom cannot really be done when edit tools are active)

7 months ago (Edited 5 months ago.)
Years Studied: から
Level: 594, : 1,611

That’s a monkey in the onsen, isn’t it?

7 months ago
Site admin
Level: 158, : 7,620

As there should be.

7 months ago
Site admin
Level: 158, : 7,620

You can now filter which quests appear for the Kao Garden.

Those who have finished quests before Kao Garden started now get a one-year boost on all coins earned from future quests.

Plants (flowers, fruits, vegetables) mechanics are enabled!

5 months ago
Site admin
Level: 158, : 7,620


4 months ago
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Top > renshuu.org > Feature Requests/Improvements > Finished/Rejected Requests

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