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Level: 75, : 18

Is possible to eliminate listening questions as a daily challenge?

I don't see options for those under "Motivators" (only Vocab, Kanji, Grammar, Sentences etc)

I always uncheck listening question (because my reading and writing skills are way far behind my listening skills and I need to brush up on them), but I would not like to lose the 10% advantage, since listening question comes up frequently in my daily challenges - I have had them three days in a row now.

Edit to add: I think I found a workaround - I unchecked "Studying Vocab", "Studying Grammar" and "Studying Sentences" under Settings -> Motivators. These are the three types of lessons which offer listening questions, so hopefully in the coming days I don't get any more of those as a daily challenge.

1 month ago (Edited 1 month ago.)
Site admin
Level: 110, : 6,645

I'm on vacation, but I like this idea. I'll definitely add a separate selector for it on that settings panel when I get a chance!

1 month ago
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