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After A (happens), B changed (major change, everything changes)
        から というもの  とっても      
I've been very busy since the new term started.
サッカー       からというもの    スリムに なった  
After he began to learn soccer, my son became slim.
オーナー     なって からというもの         よく なった  
Since a new owner came, the mood within the company improved.

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AVerb: て-form
Basic Examples:
してから (since I got married...)

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Discussion about this grammar
Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 955, : 5,016
this pattern can also be written N(usually この+ time frame) + というもの ie このというものシャワーをびるだけでおっていない。
11 years ago
Site admin
Level: 122, : 6,897
Do you think this would fall into a different meaning (but on the same page)? Maybe..
"Over the period of [A]" - since it describes a period from start to finish, whereas the other one describes a change from a point onward?
11 years ago
Years Studied: since 2000
Studying: のため、だから
Level: 955, : 5,016
I'd say it'd probably be a second usage, yeah, although it seems like it's also implying an ongoing event like the other usage (as in the above sentence it could technically be read 'since a month ago...')
11 years ago (Edited 11 years ago.)
Years Studied: 8
Studying: JLPT N1
Level: 1, : 19
The Nihongo So-Matome N1 grammar book lists てからというもの and Nといもの as the same. Indeed, there is no separate page here for というもの. However, the どんなときどう使 dictionary lists them separately. Here are some examples from the book. この1ヵ[u]というもの[/u]、シャワーをびるだけでおっていない。 し[u]てからというもの[/u]、ていない。 Do people here feel these are the same, or different? My speculation is that the former refers to a time period from start to finish, whereas the latter places emphasis on the time from what something begins. If they are the same, then the formula Nというもの should be added to this page. If they are different, then we need a new page for Nというもの!
9 years ago

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