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As soon as A, B
He rushed over to me as soon as he found me.
あれら              した  
They hit it off the moment they began talking.
As soon as she heard the story, she began to walk fiercely.

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AVerb: Dictionary Form
AVerb: Dictionary Form いなや
Basic Examples:
かれるえる (answer promptly as soon as asked)

いて (as soon as (she) entered, (she) turned and left)

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User notes

One action follows on the heels of another. Often the second action is an unexpected reaction to the first. The pattern やや describes something real so it does not appear at end of sentences that express volitional actions, such as よう or つもり , or in commands or negatives. In these situations, たらすぐ can be used.
6 months ago
avatar まことまじま - Level 278

The difference between がいかand ややis the result. For the がいかthe result is normally happened. For the ややmust be something that rarely happened.
1 year ago
deshibaka - Level 13

this pattern is functionally the same as, but more formal than, がいか
10 years ago
avatar mysticfive - Level 676

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